Like a Crazy Quilt, So is Life

Oh hey y’all. It’s late on a weeknight and the inspiration to put some words on paper (er, blog) has suddenly struck me. WordPress reminded me a second ago it’s been 7 months (how is this possible) since my last post…so yikes. So sorry about that. #life

Small side note: I’m not a crafty kind of girl whatsoever, so your guess is as good as mine as to why on earth I’m writing about something like a crazy quilt at almost midnight on a Thursday…

It All Started With Coffee and Laughter

I had coffee with my friend Lisa last night. We laughed hard, boisterously, and freely. We talked about work, life and men. She drank tea and I had an Americano (decaf…caffeine makes me swing from the rafters). Like usual, before we knew it, we’d been talking and laughing for 3 hours and Starbucks was closing. We parted ways with a hug and promise to meet up again next month – same time, same place. Also as usual, I left feeling refreshed, renewed and revived.

As I drove home, I contemplated these feelings of renewal and revival. What made my time with Lisa so great that I felt such renewal? What makes my time with any particular loved one great or memorable? But really, what makes life – in general – memorable, enjoyable or special?

I replayed our conversation in my head. As I laughed again at the funny moments, I remembered the moments that briefly stopped me in my tracks. And then a simple truth that clearly I’d temporarily misplaced (not forgotten) struck me as I drove: Life is not all about the big moments or the grand moments that come around only once in a great while. No.

Life, is like a crazy quilt.

The Crazy Quilt That Is Life

A crazy quilt. You’ve heard of these, right? It’s the kind of quilt where no two colors are the same, the patterns don’t coordinate and it’s a mish-mash of all the extra fabric your grandma had lying around the house. While at first glance the quilt looks…well…odd, each fabric square has a story and a history all it’s own. Each one represents a memory or a moment. And when they’re all stitched together, they make a cozy blanket to warm us when we’re chilly and hug us when we need to relax. Most of all though, they make a beautiful masterpiece that is cherished, treasured, and loved.

Like a crazy quilt, life is a mish-mash of all the tiny, excellent, painful, magnificent, sad, wondrous, and joyous moments of our lives. All of those moments don’t seem to match or coordinate at first glance, but when they’re combined and stitched together, they create a masterpiece of a life that is cherished, treasured and meaningful.

Small Details = Bigger Picture

Have you ever noticed how people look at a crazy quilt? They first glance at it casually. Then, a certain square catches their eye and they’ll lean in to look more closely. If the person who sewed it is nearby, they’ll ask what that particular square represents. Before long, they’re asking about a few others as they continue to take in the small details of a quilt that at first glance, seemed weird. And then, as they begin to understand the small details of the quilt better – actually seeing the details – they stand back and finally view the quilt with broader vision and a wider perspective.

Indeed, they think. It is beautiful. 

Like the person who observes the crazy quilt, if we stop and look at the moments of courage, victory, and perseverance combined with the small positives, little blessings and tiny glimpses of hope in our lives, suddenly, the clouds in our vision start to clear and we’re reminded – even in the darkest moments – that God is good, we are loved and we matter.

We see our lives with broader vision and a wider perspective.

We see the masterpiece that is our lives.

Indeed, we think. Our lives are good. Our lives matter. Our lives are beautiful.

What Are The Crazy Quilt Moments In Your Life?

Life, y’all. It’s crazy. It’s busy. It’s fun. It’s exhausting. It’s exhilarating. It’s good to be here, to be alive and to be living.

The coffee session I had with Lisa helped bring me down a bit from the rushing, hurrying and doing all the things. It helped me stop, examine the details, the moments, and the little things that make my life a masterpiece. In no particular order, here are just a few that I’ve counted today so far.

  • Laughter: It’s always present with my friends and family and in my relationship with my boyfriend (oh hey, babe).
  • Late summer evenings outdoors: The air is still, warm, and cozy and all of nature seems to settle in to enjoy the calm of the night air.
  • Inside jokes: They’re present in my family and friend relationships and in my relationship with my boyfriend. I cherish them and the people I share them with.
  • Dad jokes: Gosh. I love to hear them and I love to tell them.
  • Love: It’s a broad term, but yo. Love is fantastic, transformative, and inspirational.

In the midst of living life lately, what would you point to and say are the details, the moments, and the little things that help you recognize that your life is a masterpiece?

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